It was one of those Fridays.

Rolling out of bed. Checking email: "Package 'Starcraft 2' is OUT FOR DELIVERY." Post-it on the monitor: "Server Migration — Friday." As if you could forget — three all-nighters spent this week, and another to come babysitting the rollover. Comes with the job.

Shower. Black T-shirt. Turn on the coffee maker, drip-drip-drip, the sweet caffeinated kiss of life. Mmmm. Wakeup call.

Phone, keys, wallet, multitool, and your lucky d20. Equip item: Batbelt, standard issue.

Driving into work through Friday morning traffic; it's been cloudy all week, and the rain is sheeting down. The slow, sharklike circling of the lot, looking for a space to park your ancient beater.

The *beep* of the reader as your badge hits it. You glance down at the plastic card, with its terrible photo of you (the night after a major system upgrade, no sleep, and it shows) above the heading "SR. SYS ADMN." Yup, that's you, system administrator extraordinaire, Chief Morlock and cat herder, carrying the digital world on your shoulders.

Enter the server room.